People иehind Braille Teach

We believe in Quality over Quantity. Of course Braille Teach has a big tram with different roles and responsibilities. But, this person started the project and make it works.

Rashid Aliyev
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Rashid Aliyev

Founder & CTO

Rashid Aliyev is the author of the Braille Teach device. He was Founder & CEO and, after Gwen’s joining team Rashid become CTO.

Gwendolyn Burchell, MBE
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Gwendolyn Burchell, MBE

Partner & CEO

Social Policies Advisor, consulting internationally to support the strategic development of State and donor policies, and to strengthen NGO practice. Areas of expertise include Early Childhood Development, Family Welfare, Disability & Inclusion, Research & Advocacy, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Cameron Beier
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Cameron Beier


Cameron Beier graduated from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Areas of expertise include Marketing, Management, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Leadership of Success. He is currently representing the U.S. branch, Braille Teach Inc.

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