About Us

Learn valuable information about our team, our mission, and our innovative device that aims to transform braille literacy.


BrailleTeach™ is an innovative startup that has the potential to revolutionize the way people with visual impairments start to learn braille.

Our device provides a simple yet powerful solution for learning the Braille 6-dot code making it accessible to more people than ever before. It has been designed to fit the hands of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, further demonstrating the diversity of its benefits.

Why BrailleTeach™?

Interactive Voice Menu

The device’s interactive voice menu provides an intuitive and user-friendly way for people to learn Braille in just three months.

Affordable Price

With an affordable price range, we hope to make learning Braille far more accessible to our users.

8 Built-in Games

The BrailleTeach™ device includes 8 in-built interactive games that make learning braille engaging helping users achieve proficiency swiftly.


The device is multilingual, providing support for multiple languages to make learning braille accessible to a wider audience.


BrailleTeach’s ergonomic design provides a comfortable and intuitive learning experience, making it easy for users to focus on mastering Braille.


The device’s design allows users to learn Braille at their own pace and track their progress, making it an effective tool for independent learners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning the Braille 6-dot code quick and easy for anyone, irrespective of their age and vision impairments, thereby improving Braille literacy around the world.

The People Behind BrailleTeach™

Learn About The Brains Behind BrailleTeach™

Discover the personal story and inspiration behind BrailleTeach™. Learn more about our founder’s journey and join us in our mission to make braille literacy accessible to all.

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