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BrailleTeach™ is a play & learn device to help people of all ages learn the Braille 6-dot code quickly
BrailleTeach™ is an electronic product for anyone with visual impairments (BVI) to learn the Braille 6-dot code quickly through interactive games. This ergonomic device features 6 buttons representing the Braille dots and 4 side buttons that control the 8 games that teach letters and numbers. It takes just a few minutes to master the controls which guide you by voice.
What is BrailleTeach?
Sky blue with yellow buttons BrailleTeach Device

Why BrailleTeach™?

Interactive Voice Menu

The device's interactive voice menu provides an intuitive and user-friendly way for people to learn Braille in just three months.

Affordable Price
With an affordable price range, we hope to make learning Braille far more accessible to our users.
8 Built-in Games
The BrailleTeach™ device includes 8 in-built interactive games that make learning braille engaging helping users achieve proficiency swiftly.
The device is multilingual, providing support for multiple languages to make learning braille accessible to a wider audience.
BrailleTeach's ergonomic design provides a comfortable and intuitive learning experience, making it easy for users to focus on mastering Braille.
The device's design allows users to learn Braille at their own pace and track their progress, making it an effective tool for independent learners.
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Shawn Keen, BrailleTeach's Texas representative provides viewers a quick insight into the capabilities of the BrailleTeach device.
An Audio Demonstration of the BrailleTeach Device
Our mission is to make learning the Braille 6-dot code quick and easy for anyone, irrespective of their age and vision impairments, thereby improving Braille literacy around the world.
Our Mission
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