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Braille Teach helps to learn Braille within 3 months!

The # of BVI people has increased from 30M to 70M for last 7 years.
Only 10% of them are Braille literate for next top 3 reasons:

School budgets cut
More schools have not enough budget to buy all needed tools and solutions to use on education process.
There is different reasons from not enough budget to expensivity of existing solutions.
Technological advancement
Existing solutions are to expensive to school or person.
Average available device to teach cost $1000-$3000.
Teaching Braille
Less amount of available tiflopedagog teachers.
As elder person get blind, as harder to teach him to learn Braille.
Most of older people do not want to be teach, because of personal ego.


Braille Teach is a device for blind and visually impaired (BVI) persons to help them to learn the Braille alphabet within 3 months. test

The Main team members staying beside this great products are:

Rashid Aliyev profile photo

Rashid Aliyev

Founder & CEO


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