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BrailleTeach™ is a play & learn device to help users of all ages learn the Braille 6-dot code quickly

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What is BrailleTeach?

BrailleTeach™ is an electronic product for anyone with visual impairments (BVI) to learn the Braille 6-dot code quickly through interactive games. This ergonomic device features 6 buttons representing the Braille dots and 4 side buttons that control the 8 games that teach letters, numbers, and symbols. It takes just a few minutes to master the controls which guide you by voice.

The User Guide

Get acquainted with the device by clicking on the play button to listen to an audio version of our user guide.

Why is Braille Literacy Important?

Braille literacy is vital for individuals who are blind or visually impaired as it grants them access to written information, fostering independence, education, and employment prospects. By enabling reading and writing, Braille facilitates academic success, job opportunities, and effective communication. It empowers individuals to advocate for themselves, engage socially, and navigate daily life with confidence. Moreover, Braille literacy stimulates cognitive development in blind children and ensures equal access to information and opportunities. Ultimately, Braille serves as a gateway to inclusion, independence, and empowerment for people with visual impairments.

Why BrailleTeach?

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning the Braille 6-dot code quick and easy for anyone, irrespective of their age and vision impairments, thereby improving Braille literacy around the world.

To order the device, email info@brailleteach.com – Our Sales representative will send an invoice based on your device and language preferences. Shipping costs will depend on your location. You can choose two languages from US English, UK English, Spanish, and German. Pay using the Payment button on our website after receiving the invoice. The device will be shipped after payment is received.

Only in the circumstances of damage during transit can a device be replaced. If the device arrives and has been damaged in transit, please take a photo immediately and send this to our Sales Representative who you have been communicating with, and a replacement device will be sent.

If your BrailleTeach™ device stops working, first check the battery as it may be depleted. Recharge it for 15 minutes and attempt to use it again. If the issue persists, please contact our support team for assistance.

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